2 Second FAB

2 Second FAB

Simple ways to simplify our days

While many people see Lean as an approach in manufacturing, we are striving to take waste out of everything we do. Inspired by Paul Akers and his book 2 Second Leanour entire team is looking for ways to simplify our days. From our manufacturing processes to how our meeting rooms are configured, if we see something that wastes time, or in general bugs us, we sort it, straighten it, and standardize it. We are always aiming for simplicity! In staying in the spirit of CR and our Core Value of Finding a Better Way (FAB) we are calling our journey 2 Minute FAB.  Our theory is, save 2 Minutes a day for a year and that is 12 extra hours in your year!  What would you do with your extra time? Check out our videos of our progress.

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