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Terms we throw around...
UltimaX Beans aren’t magic beans, but they’re close! We brought our smartest geeks together in one lab and locked the door until they came up with an ingenious breakthrough. The result? UltimaX Beans. We patented it, became the ex- clusive manufacturer and creator of the UltimaX Beans, and, after awhile, we even let the geeks out of the lab. We’re sure that you will enjoy them just as much as us.
Go ahead and try to destroy this stuff! Wipe your greasy potato chip hands on it. Spill your drink on it. SmartMax Fabric is stain resistant, tear resistant, heavy-duty fabric backed with a special patented backing material making it also water resistant. Go ahead and give it your worst.
SmartMax can take it...and then some! The intro- duction of SmartMax comes after months of re- search for the “next” big thing for bean bags. We are certain that you will be pleased with the look, performance and price of our Big Joe collection offered exclusively in SmartMax.
All it takes is one sit to understand exactly why our one-of-a-kind Fuf Collection has brought bean bags out of your grandparent’s dusty base- ment and into college campuses, bedrooms and living rooms around the world. This patented memory foam is super soft, and long lasting. Simply re-Fuf your product again and again! In fact, the hardest part about sitting down on any product with Fuf is convincing yourself it’s time to get up.
ComfortLite Core is pushing the limits and changing the way people think of conventional furniture and is breaking the mold, literally, of how furniture is made. Every square inch is specially constructed for ultimate durability and strength, all the way down to it’s molecular structure. The hydro-carbon formula allows for amazingly light-weight furniture that doesn’t compromise strength or quality.
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