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                   BIG JOE CARES
We believe our business is only as strong as the community it serves and the surroundings it operates within. We’re not talking just within a one-mile radius of our facilities, but in the ripples we send out far and wide. And when we say all, we mean everyone. When someone purchases our product, we put the dollars to work to bring comfort to those in need. While investing dollars in organizations that help make kids lives better is fun to do, we think it is even more fun to get involved and change lives through giving of ourselves.
Whether its surprising a gym full of kids with a truckload of chairs for their Boys and Girls Club, giving out a big check to an organization that heals abused and neglected kids, or working on a farm that provides healthy snacks to our public schools, we believe in giving back with our time and profits.
We’ve always had the mindset of giving where it will have the biggest impact. Our mission is to find organizations where our investments bring about real change in bringing comfort to all.
Comfort Research is committed to investing 10% of all profits to the community. Some of our giving partners:

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