Comfort Research Announces Orahh™ with ComfortLite Core™

Comfort Research will launch Orahh with exclusive ComfortLite Core at IFHC 2014 Highpoint,
NC. Orahh builds on Comfort Research’s strategy for designing and manufacturing innovative,
fun, comfortable and affordable products while bringing new design opportunities to the
furniture market.

Orahh is a new, cutting-edge brand that’s pushing the limits and changing the way people
think of conventional furniture. Homeowners are increasingly expecting more versatility from
both their indoor as well as outdoor furniture.

Jean Joseph, Lead product design for Comfort Research:

“It’s really a natural evolution of what we’ve been doing. Orahh solves a number of
limitations present in traditional furniture and presents many opportunities to our
customers. By developing a product line that is more structured we are able to offer a
wide variety of new forms that span traditional to contemporary yet maintain the high
durability and extremely lightweight properties of our UltiMax™ products.

The traditional layout of furniture solely along a wall is changing to become a more
dynamic and social environment. With open concept floor plans that flow from room to
room or indoor to out, Orahh offers consumers a way to quickly arrange their furniture
to meet the need of a social gathering and easily re-arrange to meet daily lifestyles.

Keeping customer expectations in mind, Orahh is breaking the standard furniture mold,
literally. Instead of a traditional wood or metal frame, Orahh features a solid ComfortLite Core
that is specially constructed for strength and durability. This patent pending carbon-molecular
core is extremely lightweight and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The inclusion of
an anti-abrasion pro-liner, pre-compressed densified fiber and high-density foam ensures
comfort and support that won’t break down over the life-span of the product. In addition,
Orahh™ features a removable slip cover, available in multiple fabric colors and styles to allow
consumers the ability to fit any décor or budget and the ability to clean easily.

“Orahh. Lite is the new strong, affordability is the new luxury”.

Whether socializing, relaxing or working at home, Orahh creates an inviting space.


About Comfort Research

Comfort Research, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI and having manufacturing facilities in Michigan and Tennessee, are the makers of Big Joe®, Fuf®, Bean Bagimals®, Classic Beanbag™ and the recently introduced Orahh™ product lines. The company is revolutionizing affordable furniture by developing products through innovation and research that deliver greater comfort, design aesthetics and value. |