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Creators of Big Joe chairs to open a facility in Box Elder County


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – October 19, 2017 – Big Joe is coming to Utah. Comfort Research, a Michigan-based lifestyle company and creators of the renowned bean bag chair, Big Joe, recently announced they will open a new facility in Box Elder County. Located at 350 W. 1000 North St., Trementon, Utah, the new facility will support better shipping costs for consumers and distribute products nationwide. Comfort Research also has facilities located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Lewisburg, Tennessee.

“The demand for our product continues to grow across the nation, and last year we sold our 10,000,000 bean bag chair,” said Josh Pack, West Coast Commander for Comfort Research. “With this brand new plant, we’ll be able to continue to meet customer demands and maximize our shipment efficiency while being an innovator in the lifestyle industry.”

The new, modernized plant is 100,000 square feet, and will add approximately 30 new jobs to the area to start. The plant will feature a ‘Comfy Lounge,’ where employees can relax during breaks and have access to professional development books, as well as a ‘FAB’ (Finding a Better Way) wall where employees rewarded for problem solving solutions are recognized, and $10,000 is awarded annually.

“We started Comfort Research with the notion that style and comfort were concepts attainable for anyone and everyone who might desire them,” said Matt Jung, FABulator of Comfort Research. “As our Big Joe brands continue to grow into our 21st year, we’re looking forward to expanding our awesome yet, affordable products to all.”

Comfort Research aims to inspire other companies to step out of their traditional spaces and be creative innovators. The company recently broke a Guinness World Record for creating the world’s largest bean bag and continues to be pioneers outside of their industry. To maintain the company’s culture, the new facility will include badminton and kickball games.

“Comfort Research is committed to each community we enter, and we plan to be an engaged and responsible member of the Trementon area as well,” said Chip George, Ambassador of Awesome at Comfort Research. “During our opening, we are planning to give a $10,000 check to Cache Valley for Hope Cancer Foundation, a charity selected by our Utah employees, and we look forward to continuing to support local charities and causes in the future.”

With Utah as the next expansion, Comfort Research will have the ability to ship their products almost anywhere in the U.S. in simply two days.

About Comfort Research
Comfort Research is a product design and manufacturing company, based in the heart of West Michigan. Creators of the Big Joe® and Big Joe Lux® brands, they are revolutionizing affordable furniture in the indoor, outdoor and pool product markets by developing innovative products that deliver greater comfort, design aesthetics and value.