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Grand Rapids, Mich. — Just call it the BOTUS – the Bean bag of the United States.

Comfort Research created several chairs for the British prime minister’s family, including this one for son Elwen.
Seating producer Comfort Research held that distinction when President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama gave a collection of bean bag chairs to British Prime Minister David Cameron and his family during a recent visit.

Each member of the prime minister’s family received a Comfort Research Ultra Lounge bean bag chair, including his three children – Nancy, Elwen and Florence – whose names were monogrammed on theirs along with the presidential seal. The Camerons’ cat Larry even lucked out, receiving his own personalized pet bed.

Comfort Research received attention from the White House after an appearance on ABC World News’ Made in America series. After receiving the request, Comfort Research sought out the requested fabrics and colors, cut the panels and then sent the pieces to Alfie, a Michigan-based company, for embroidery. The chairs were completed at Comfort Research’s home base here in Grand Rapids.

Chip George, co-founder and CEO of Comfort Research:

“As a small but growing company in Michigan, we are proud that President Obama selected our company to make a personalized gift for the family of the British prime minister”