Authored by Jessica Moore, Marshall County Tribune | Original Article

Comfort Research officially opened their Lewisburg facility Wednesday with a large crowd in attendance. From its humble beginnings in a dorm room at Hope College in western Michigan, to the state-of-the-art facility in Lewisburg, Comfort Research continues to “Find a Better Way,” to provide comfort to the people who use their products.

Matt Jung, Chip George, and George and Jason Julius, along with the team members of the Tennessee Control Center, welcomed guests, vendors, and dignitaries to the Grand Opening and Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting. All future facilities will be modeled after the flagship Lewisburg facility. The set up was outstanding and very clean. They allowed all of the guests to snack and mingle before leading a tour around the facility showing their up-to-the-minute machinery and system. Included in the tour was a trip to Plant Manager Will Wilson’s office, and what a cool office it was, featuring every type of comfort furniture they offer. Guests were encouraged to take a seat and test it out.

Once the tour was over guests assembled to hear the main men behind Comfort Research tell their story and why they chose Lewisburg.

“We came to Lewisburg because of the people. We are proud to be here and lucky to have the team we have. Thank you Will Wilson, Plant Manager, Paul Wiles, Nancy Spray, and Dirk Shelton. We are appreciative of all the support from the city, county, state, and community,” said Jung, president and owner of Comfort Research.

Next, everyone gathered around Wilson as he prepared to cut the ribbon. Before leaving to head to the next stage of Comfort Research’s Grand Opening, guests were given Bean Bag Form Chairs with arms and a back, and a gift bag with a Comfort Research hat and a pen with a built in flash drive. Afterwards, Comfort Research hosted a luncheon at the Lewisburg Recreation Center for all of their guests. The Tennessee Control Center represents a strategic move in the history of Comfort Research as they expand their operations to better serve their loyal customers.
“We appreciate all of the support, thank you. We are so glad to be here,” said George, CEO and owner of Comfort Research.

“We are proud to be here, proud that we are welcome, and happy that we are accepted, welcomed, and helped,” said George Julius, partner and “Old Dude” of Comfort Research.

Comfort Research has selected a section of the Heil Quaker/ICP building for the home of their new Tennessee Control Center. Hard work, lots of paint, and a vision have the Tennessee operation ready to open on Oct. 14. Early estimates forecast an employment boost to Marshall County of approximately 25 jobs. Additionally, local industrial suppliers have welcomed Comfort Research as a new customer and are grateful for the “shot in the arm” Comfort’s business has represented for them. Bean bags will begin flowing to Walmart Distribution Centers in the Southeast immediately.

“It is an honor to have them here and an honor to be a part of this, being a native from Lewisburg,” said Wilson, plant manager.

The team members of Comfort Research invite you to join with thousands of other people who have selected from their wide assortment of “Comfort for All” products. Choose from well known brands like Big Joe, Fuf, and Bean Bagimals, to add comfort to your home. Comfort Research’s products can be purchased locally from Walmart or online at and other popular websites. Visit to view the wide assortment of products available. These products are proudly designed and filled in Michigan or Tennessee.

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