Designed Around You.

From exclusivity to completely customized, we understand your need to offer your customers unique products.

Your needs. Your ideas. Our expertise. Using our proven process, Comfort Research works alongside you to create ideal product solutions that differentiates you in the marketplace.

An engaging, iterative design process.
1) Without a clear understanding a physical solution is impossible. The process begins as our team of designers work with you to detect and uncover your needs and requirements. Information is recorded to be revisited and communicated.

2) Development phase is give-and-take and very iterative. Ideas take shape as we communicate and gain a deep understanding of the project. Product designs and revisions are made until details reflect the needs. Material considerations such as sustainability, durability and longevity are demonstrated.

3) We take great care in the engineering process to ensure that all details are correct in order to deliver high quality products on-time. Our design, engineering and production teams work synonymously to present a concept that meets your specifications and our quality expectations.

Comfort Research Private Label Program

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