Employee Recognition

Going over & beyond to find a better way, expect the best and being awesome!

Big or small, ideas are what drives Comfort Research forward. Our family of employees each contributes to make our products, services, and company life the best around.

Doing the Right Thing

The Doing the Right Thing award is also given away once per quarter. They are an extra-fun reward to those who do the right thing even when they think no one is around to notice. Anyone can recieve a DiRT award and anyone can nominate anyone. Any gesture, however large or small, from lending a helping hand to stepping up and going over and beyond is eligible for this award.

Finding a Better Way

The FAB award is presented to any Comfort Research team member that “Finds a Better Way”. FAB submissions can be anything from finding a better way to fill bean bag chairs to painting a wall pink because it cheers up the team. FAB awards are awarded to one team member every quarter.

“You’re Awesome” Award

Everyone is pretty awesome around Comfort Research, and with all of us being so awesome all the time, we needed to have a way to recognize when someone is continually being extra awesome and expecting the best out of their situations, their peers, and even themselves. The “Your Awesome” award is passed on to a team member by the last winner on a quarterly basis, and yes there may be a traveling trophy involved along with serious bragging rights. Is that awesome or what!

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