Comfort Research becomes Zero Landfill in an effort to become
Zero Waste Certified by 2015

Comfort Research, a Grand Rapids Michigan based manufacturer of furniture and soft seating has achieved their sustainability goal for 2014 to be Zero Landfill. This accomplishment is a direct effect of diligent recycling efforts, lunchroom and bathroom composting programs and a reduction of waste program in which materials are sent to an incinerator to be converted into electricity.

So far because of Comfort Research’s sustainability efforts, 198,840 lbs. (99.42 tons) have been saved from the landfill and 52,195.50 KWH of electricity created from un-recyclable materials at the Grand Rapids Facility alone. CR’s second facility in Lewisburg, TN has recently begun the Zero Landfill Program as well. Between the two Comfort Research facilities, 52,000 and 57,000 kwh of electricity were produced due to the efforts in waste to energy in GR and TCC respectively. This means that the power produced was enough to power over 10 U.S. homes for a full year.

Beyond the efforts to divert materials away from the landfill, Comfort Research continues to grow their company’s recycling effort, this is demonstrated by the 2013 sustainability inquiry which showed total material recycled as 509,507 lbs. (254 tons) of materials. Comfort Research’s belief is that it is the corporation’s social responsibility to recycle in an effort to help conserve our natural resources and make a difference in our community.

Comfort Research doubled down on their sustainability efforts in 2014 with a corporate wide goal to become certified as a Zero Waste organization by the end of 2015. These efforts will require the manufacturer to reduce their non-recycled materials to less than 3% of material, this is an ambitious goal coming from the previously reported 28% of non-recycled waste in 2013.

As of August 2014, Comfort Research has achieved a reduction of non-recycled materials to just above 19%. This 9% reduction in the last 8-months has been possible because of investments made in the staff which include a huge push from the CEO/Ambassador of Awesome, Chip George. George has made a commitment to become a leader by example in the results of sustainability by handling materials in the best possible way.

While great efforts have been accomplished thus far, the team at Comfort Research developed a partnership with Holland, MI based Chef Container, LLC in May of 2014. The goal of this partnership is to assist Comfort Research in gaining the last few steps on the journey to ZERO WASTE.

Mr. Matt Biolette of Chef Container commented recently – “Zero Waste is not a sprint that can be won, but a marathon that needs to be constantly on your mind.” His company is a strong believer that with the support of any organization, these goals can be accomplished.

About Comfort Research
Comfort Research, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI and having manufacturing facilities in Michigan and Tennessee, are the makers of Big Joe®, Fuf®, Bean Bagimals®, Classic Beanbag and the recently introduced Orahh product lines. The company is revolutionizing affordable furniture by developing products through innovation and research that deliver greater comfort, design aesthetics and value.