Comfort Research and Marvel Entertainment introduce the Avengers-licensed Vybe Haptic Gaming Pad–the “Vybe,” a gaming pad that immerses the user in games, movies and music like never before by featuring an innovative technology that is content-driven to deliver a rich, dynamically-changing variety of tactile vibrating sensations. The Vybe maps any source of sound into Hi-Fidelity Vibro-Tactile sensations that can be localized and/or streamed across your body. For action game play, users can feel the jolt of explosions and gunfire from several different locations or the rumblings of the road underneath. When listening to music, users can experience smooth migrating vibration sensations that change with the beat of a song. For movie-enthusiasts, watching an action-packed film like “Marvel’s The Avengers” becomes the ultimate fan experience of being immersed in the action.

The Vybe is based on innovative, patent pending tactile technology algorithms developed at the Disney Research Labs, called “Surround Haptics.”  The Surround Haptics software in the pad converts general audio input into complex and rich tactile vibration sensations that can target different parts of the human body and/or dynamically move across the body. Since each vibrating actuator is independently controlled, the pad can deliver a myriad of rich sensations simultaneously. Typical gaming chairs mostly deliver general buzzing or pulsing of the entire chair.

“The Vybe Haptic Gaming Pad is truly a game changer that adds a whole new dimension of user experiences through tactile sensations,” notes Danny Kim, director of softlines licensing for Marvel. “Our goal is to enhance and transform the way consumers experience their content, while introducing never-before-seen technology to the marketplace.”

The Vybe works with any sound source such as a gaming console, TV, computer, or mobile phone using a standard audio cable (included in the box).  Available in black with the iconic Avengers “A” symbol embroidered on the back of the pad, it is designed for easy set up and fold away for convenient storage. The embedded speaker system in the Vybe provides crystal clear sound and a control panel to allow for adjustments in the sound volume and intensity of the tactile sensations. The Vybe is available December 2012 at and select Meijer’s stores.