Relaxing is easy, but the cause is serious.
Everyone loves to sleep, but what if there was a chance to take a nap while raising money for a good cause? Comfort Research did just that at our first-ever Napportunity event. For every napper, Comfort Research donated $10 to the nonprofit organization I Understand which supports those who’ve lost loved ones to suicide.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention says an average of 121 people die by suicide every day. I Understand believes suicide is caused by illness and mental illnesses are treatable. Underwood says it’s events like this that are helping raise awareness of mental health issues while tearing down the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide.

“As a society in general, it’s not as taboo as it once was to talk about suicide and mental illness, and that’s better for everyone,” said Emily Underwood with I Understand.

Along with big chairs, there were nappetizers, and the world’s quietest D.J. spinning music to help people sleep. By the end of the event, Comfort Research was able to donate $10,000 to I Understand.

“It’s a good way to take a little work off as well as have some fun…nice little Wednesday afternoon,” said Chip George, who started Comfort Research with his Hope College buddy 20 years ago.

And sometimes taking care of yourself can start with a simple nap. “Decompress. Turn off your cellphone for just a few minutes on your lunch break. Enjoy a little respite,” said Underwood. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255.