Comfort Research becomes Zero Landfill in an effort to become
Zero Waste Certified by 2015

Comfort Research, a Grand Rapids Michigan based manufacturer announced today that its facility in Lewisburg, TN has reached its goal of Landfill Free. This effort has been achieved by utilizing advanced recycling efforts and diversion of waste from landfills through the use of a waste to energy facility. This Covanta Waste to Energy facility utilizes an incinerator to generate energy and is located in Huntsville Alabama.

The Comfort Research manufacturing facility is estimating the generation of 57,645 KWH of electricity through its method of handling manufacturing non-recyclables. However more importantly, an estimated 1,098 cubic yards of landfill space will not be necessary because of this diversion plan. The average U.S. home uses 10,800 kwh of electricity/year.  Between the two Comfort Research facilities, 52,000 and 57,000 kwh of electricity were produced due to the efforts in waste to energy in GR and TCC respectively. This means that the power produced was enough to power over 10 U.S. homes for a full year.

Comfort Research’s Lewisburg, TN facility is also making efforts with several other recycling vendors including the Marshall County recycling program. Through this program, single stream recycling along with plastic film, plastic banding, paper, cardboard and more are processed to be reused as new products.

Comfort Research doubled on their sustainability efforts in 2014 with a corporate wide goal to become certified as a Zero Waste organization by the end of 2015. These efforts will require the manufacturer to reduce their non-recycled materials to less than 3%.

Morgan from Marshall County Recycles makes the following comments about CR’s efforts:

“I would like to congratulate Comfort Research on their becoming landfill free. I know Will and his team have worked very hard to achieve this status. Marshall County Solid Waste and Regional Recycling Hub is proud to be a small part of this achievement by recycling office paper, plastic bottles, cans, stretch film, and banding for Comfort Research.”

About Comfort Research
Comfort Research, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI and having manufacturing facilities in Michigan and Tennessee, are the makers of Big Joe®, Fuf®, Bean Bagimals®, Classic Beanbag and the recently introduced Orahh product lines. The company is revolutionizing affordable furniture by developing products through innovation and research that deliver greater comfort, design aesthetics and value.