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At Comfort Research, we get to run with unicorns, break world records, and even shoot beanbags into space. We fail fast, work hard, and celebrate often because nothing is possible without all the people who sweat and strive to live this Manifesto. Our inspiration is our Employees, Customers, Business Partners, Advisory Board, and Supporters too numerous to mention. The rewarding feeling we all get from working together is something we want everyone to experience - which is why we share these insights with you in the hope that they inspire something new in your organization.
We will continue to lead through Strategy, Culture, and kickass Engineering/Design. We will continue to innovate and disrupt in all we do by Finding a Better Way, Expecting the Best, and Doing the Right Thing. These three core values are the basis of a belief system we share with all of our awesome Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are the ones making a difference each and every day. This book is a tribute to them. I am thankful and humbled to see all the great things we have done together. And the cool thing is...we are just getting started.
Dream Big. Take Action. Make a Difference.
 Matt Jung - Co-Founder

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