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 Most people spend more than a third of their life at work. That’s lot of time if you don’t like what you’re doing. We at Comfort Research have the opportunity to love what we do and be part of something great. We talk a lot about culture; culture is not just the ping pong tables, parties and the other fun things we do, although those are part of it. Our culture is rooted in people coming together to do extraordinary things. It is about checking our egos at the door and finding the best possible solution that brings the greatest value to our customers. When we collaborate on solving problems as a team we will continue to win. Our customers know that we love what we do and they want our awesome products in their lives. We need to continue to find a better way to make everything better today than we did yesterday. We need to keep inventing, investing, pushing the envelope, keep eliminating waste and continuously improving. If we do this we will continue to disrupt the marketplace and delight our customers with new awesome products at great values.
Thanks to all ambassadors who have served at Comfort Research in the past, present and future. I am proud to be on this great ride with you. Thanks to everyone that is reading and taking an interest in this book.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did going through pictures to put it together. Thanks to everyone that enjoys our products... we are working to continually wow you!
   Chip George - Co-Founder

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