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 Alexis F.
Ambassador since 2017
I don’t have to dread coming into work every day. My co-workers are nice and fun to be around, which helps the day go by. And I love all the things the company does for us. It brings comfort to me knowing that I can pay for my car and make sure my family has things, and that I will be able to save for and eventually buy a house.
Rich R.
Ambassador since 2017
I am the production supervisor in Utah. I love working at Comfort Research because they are always looking for ways to make improvements. Not only in their products but in the processes and the work environment. I also love how we are always thinking about how we can help the community. I know several people who now have our prod- ucts in their homes and love them. I have not heard a single negative comment about our products. Our chairs and fuf bags are a big hit at our house with my grandkids!
Will W.
Ambassador since 2013
I love going into the community and having people recognize that you work for such a giving company. It’s also pretty cool to walk into Walmart and be able to say “I had a part in making that bean bag!” Supporting my family is huge, but it is more than that. I love having a place to work that is fun and engaging and working with people who you care about.

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