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 Jennie W.
Ambassador since 2016
I love how CR treats all of us as family and how much they care about all of their em- ployees. Never have I had the privilege of working for a company with such a wonderful culture. CR brings me comfort by making it clear that I am appreciated as an employee and as a person and my ideas are welcome.
Jhousselin M.
Ambassador since 2016
I love that when you give ideas, the company gives you comfy bucks. Sometimes those ideas help Comfort Research be a friendlier environment. When you need help, co-workers will give you a hand.
Jodi B.
Ambassador since 2017
It’s a good environment to work in overall. The management is great, and they make you feel valued. CR makes comfy products and gives to the community.
Lyndsey R.
Ambassador since 2015
I love the Amazing Culture and people who I work with—and the fact that the company is very green, and gives back to the community. We are continually donating time, money, and product to make our communities a better place. Plus, it brings me so much comfort and joy having a job that I like getting up and coming to every day!

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