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 Alison H.
Ambassador since 2017
Like people and snowflakes, no two organizations are the same, and this company is like no other I have ever worked for. It’s all about our ambassadors and our customers. Fun , Challenging, Growing, Free Spirited, Creative. I love the people and the product and what we represent in the community. It brings me comfort in the sense of knowing that my co-workers are more than that. They are caring, understanding, and they are my friends.
Austin P.
Ambassador since 2016
The people who work here get along and work together well. The environment is good, it doesn’t feel like people come to work just for a paycheck. It’s great knowing that every- one has an equal chance to get a bonus by turning in FAB ideas. It’s comforting to know the people in my department have my back and will work just as hard as I do.
Becky P.
Ambassador since 2016
I love everything about Comfort Research! I appreciate the opportunity everyone has to be their very best every day! New ideas and suggestions are not only encouraged, they are rewarded and celebrated. It is a joy to come to work every day and make a dif- ference with a great group of people! We work hard and we play hard, and we have fun! We take Comfort for All seriously. Not only do we make awesome products that are su- per comfortable, we provide an amazing work environment that allows everyone to be their very best every day. The level of giving committed to our communities is amazing. It is very rewarding to see what Comfort Research gives back to the communities where we work. I am humbled and honored to be part of this awesome organization.

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