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 Gregg J.
Ambassador since 2015
I love how awesome the atmosphere is here. It’s a great place to work for numerous reasons. We have awesome co-workers, great management, and everyone gets along. It has just been an awesome experience here for the past year. I enjoy our desire
to achieve our values, and how we push for a safe and fun work environment. I feel comfort knowing I have a good job to support myself and to help start a family. I can get good product to give as gifts, and I know that the company will give back to the community.
Jackie D.
Ambassador since 2016
I love the atmosphere! Everyone is so friendly and willing to go above and beyond for their teammates. The CR family is always striving to do the absolute best by each other and our community. Nothing is more comforting than being able to come to work every day with that as our collective goal.
Max J.
Ambassador since 2016
What really stands out is that everyone in the entire company is always so kind, under- standing, happy and has a great sense of humor. Because of that, it is never hard to get up in the morning to go to work. This is one reason why me and many others are very comfortable working with this company.
Verdell K.
Ambassador since 2017
I like to make the place look nice, and the people are really nice to me. CR brings comfort to me with a paycheck and insurance.

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