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 Chelsey C.
Ambassador since 2017
The job and people are amazing, as well as the comfy chairs we provide to all, and the comfort of loving our job.
Craig A.
Ambassador since 2017
I love the people and culture. CR brings me comfort by supplying a positive and fun work environment.
Matt W.
Ambassador since 2014
I love how ingrained our foundational pillars of Do the Right Thing, Expect the Best, and Find a Better Way are within every ambassador. Comfort Research makes a conscious effort to help mentor, guide and assist those in need both internally and externally. It’s evident through everything from the work our organization does with charity partner- ships, internal donation drives, health awareness and recycling programs.
Maria A.
Ambassador since 2003
I like to work here because all the time I have worked here, I have learned different things and I feel at home. They make us feel like family.

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