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 Dawson S.
Ambassador since 2016
Great work, great people. CR is willing to work with my schedule.
Jonathon P.
Ambassador since 2016
I love our culture, especially when it centers around continuous improvement. I am always seeking to better myself as well as others. CR brings everyone comfort by recognizing our strengths and empowering us to continuously improve.
Luke L.
Ambassador since 2017
I love the culture and the willingness to help coworkers. Anyone will drop what they’re doing to see if they can help/get an answer for you.
Dwight L.
Ambassador since 2017
Good place to work, good people. CR is a great company and it shows in the quality of the product they make.
Katelyn S.
Ambassador since 2013
Comfort Research has been a huge part of my life since graduating college. Working here has taught me so much, given me so many opportunities, and molded me into the person I am today. I am so grateful for all that I’ve experienced here!

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