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We’re about people.

At Comfort Research our family of members work hard each and every day to help achieve success for our brands and for each other. We draw on each person’s knowledge and wisdom to form a distinct sense of community that drives not only our products, but influences our processes as well.

We offer a rewarding team atmosphere in a fast-paced, rapidly growing environment all with the fun of being able to say you work for the largest bean bag producer in the world. While working at Comfort Research isn’t for everyone, if this sounds like you, we’d love to learn more about you.

To learn more about specific openings and careers at Comfort Research, please select from the positions below.

“I love my lead people here and enjoy working with all of the employees. Everyone is great to be around, and they are all very reasonable.”

Vern M.


“I have worked for or visited many other companies, and compared to Comfort Research, they are all extremely boring. CR does not accept normal, and that is how we stay on the cutting edge. All of our products, production processes and programs are next-level awesome and I believe we have the right people and environment to keep coming up with the Next Big Thing and stay a step ahead.”

Mike Z.


“Comfort Research reaches out to every employee for ideas, thoughts and processes to make the company a part of each and every one of them. Finding a better way for the employees and the company.”

Patrick H.


“My co-workers are the best group of people to work and collaborate with. They truly are a great team.”

Dennis H.


“I am very proud to serve as a member of the Comfort Team. Especially in that of a leadership role. It’s hard to believe that I’ve just put one full year in the books. Time flies when were having fun! I truly look forward to the challenges that face us in 2015.”

Joel B.

Production Ringleader

“I’ve been at Comfort Research for a few months now, and I love it here. It’s full of other people that are easy to get along with. The days feel short, and the work isn’t mindless! We make bean bag chairs for a living, who else can really say that… Comfort Research is a great place to work!”

Tate H.


“As the DesEinstein, it is wonderful to know that at Comfort Research I am encouraged to push the limits of furniture design on a daily basis. I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the product development process from conception to final product. It is truly a privilege to work for such a forward-thinking company and I would not change my super fab teammates for the world. Comfort for all!”

Sarah. C.


“Comfort Research has a very friendly work atmosphere. It is also challenging, but fun.”

Sergio V.


“I really enjoy being employed at Comfort Research because there’s always room to grow in the company. Pretty freakin’ awesome company to work for, I’m so thankful for the opportunity..and not to mention, the leads are amazing!”

Nini. L


“Every employee’s opinion is valued and looked at in the big picture. No matter who submits an idea, it is thought of in a value-added way. The company celebrates with meals, events, etc. on a regular basis, which gives employees an added motivation in their job. This is not a thing that is done in most work places.”

Dirk S.

Shipping Manager

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