Our Map

A recipe for success

Comfort Research has a strategic plan which we call our MAP that we like to post anywhere and everywhere that we can find the space. It includes our highest goals as a company and how we plan to achieve those goals. The most important part of the MAP is the Culture Pyramid. We believe in Finding a Better Way, Expecting the Best, and Doing the Right Thing. Not only can we apply these concepts to our company and work ethic, we strive to apply them to our daily lives.

Our core values

Revolutionizing Affordable Furniture

Posted all over our building and worn on the garments of Ambassadors while inside or outside the production doors. Branded on the brains of every Ambassador, are our 3 core values.

Find a better way

It’s the spirit of everything we do as a company. F.A.B. is innovating our work environment through process, culture, and beyond. We are not a “suggestion box” company; instead, F.A.B. means continually improving and always looking for a better way to do anything we do—which in turn, enhances our work lives and productivity.

  • Ideas are generated from everyone and the implementation of those ideas is led by the idea-generating Ambassador
  • Continuously improve, learn, and simplify
  • Fix what bugs you

Expect the best

We expect the best out of ourselves and those around us. That means we are diligent in our work, and sincere in our intentions, and we expect that same thing from our fellow Ambassadors. We’re not afraid of failing; instead, we are ready to make mistakes that we can learn from—individually and as a collective team.

  • Expect the best from yourself, your peers, our vendors, and our customers
  • Seize responsibility…don’t avoid it
  • Be awesome
  • Standards are what you tolerate

Do the right thing

Doing the right thing is more than a mantra inside our building, it’s a way of life. We believe in doing the right things at work, and in our lives outside of work. This guiding principle lights the way for the tough decisions we face on a daily basis.

  • Give above and beyond, within our halls, in the community, and in our homes, with unexpected awesomeness
  • Do what’s right even when no one is watching
  • Stay humble and kind

Our beliefs


Comfort for All

We provide comfort for our:

  • Customers by creating amazing products.
  • Environment by bean lean and green.
  • Ambassadors by being a great place to work, and we’re not for everyone.
  • Communities by reinvesting a portion of our profits back into the communities that we work and live.


Delivering awesome through

  • A unique culture driven by our core values.
  • A simple strategic plan with disciplined execution.
  • Innovation and product leadership
  • Acquisitions that expand our platform, product and penetrate new markets.


Revolutionizing products through our brands, engineering, design, and innovation.

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