Our Values

A recipe for success

Comfort Research has a strategic plan which we call our MAP that we like to post anywhere and everywhere that we can find the space. It includes our highest goals as a company and how we plan to achieve those goals. The most important part of the MAP is the Culture Pyramid. We believe in Finding a Better Way, Expecting the Best, and Doing the Right Thing. Not only can we apply these concepts to our company and work ethic, we strive to apply them to our daily lives.

Our F.A.T. Promise

Revolutionizing Affordable Furniture

Part of our MAP is our the promise to be F.A.T. – FUNctional, Affordable and trendy. To make sure we’re always moving forward, we apply four fundamental principles to everything we do.


Everyone has a different definition of comfort. Some people prefer free-form plush, while others like a bit of support mixed in with the fluff. At Comfort Research, we work hard to develop products that satisfy everyone’s idea of the best seat in the house. And by everyone, we mean everyone from teens and toddlers to parents and pets.


If you couldn’t tell by our name, research is very important to us. We invest countless hours into researching style trends, customer needs and manufacturing techniques. Then we market test until we’re positive a product is the best it can be. But our job isn’t done when it’s launched. We are constantly listening to user feedback, because our customers are our most valuable critics.


Design is more than the color and shape of a chair. It’s also about creating a product that’s efficient to produce, built to last and worth every penny paid for it. Our commitment to valuing innovation requires a continuous cycle of sketching, testing, modifying and retesting, but the result is always a product we believe in.


Value means investing in a product from the earliest design concept. At every stage, we employ a process that is precise, efficient and adaptable — thanks to hard work of our 100+ employees. To our customers, this means they’re purchasing a well-designed, thoughtfully crafted product at a competitive price, from a company that refuses to cut corners.

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