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Back in Sept. of 2010, Chip, Jason, and I went to Chicago to learn how to put together a traditional business strategic plan. We spent 3 days in a windowless building near O’Hare Airport and were taught about vision, mission, core values, etc. After a couple of years of doing the traditional plan we realized that while vision statements can be good mission statements are often worthless strung together words that don’t really provide the intended goal of communicating what we are all about. So we set out to Find a Better way. Luckily in a short period of time we were introduced to a book by Simon Sinek called ‘Start with Why’. If you haven’t read his book you ...

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Are you Mad? standard

Are you mad? I believe that no big changes in life happen until you get mad. Let me explain. It is so easy to ignore the small annoyances that you see, hear, and feel every single day. They happen over and over again while you get used to them like white noise. It isn’t until that white noise makes you angry, elicits a deeper feeling, and you get mad that true change will happen. Regardless of whether or not it is in your professional life or personal life, seek out that thing that has been bothering you, that white noise, and get mad. Get mad and make a change! Dream Big. Take Action. Make a Difference.    

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Forbes Small Giant standard

I am super proud that our company was selected as a Forbes Small Giant. The award is a testimony to the quality and awesomeness of our people. I am grateful to all CR Ambassadors that make this dream come true! See the article below:  

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Believe standard

I found myself saying ‘believe’ more than once last week at our semi-annual strategic planning team retreat in Traverse City, MI.  Whether I was talking about the past, the present, or the future I kept coming back to our belief that it would come true. You have to believe.  If you don’t believe in your dream no one else will.  If you don’t believe in your dream it won’t come true.  You have to have some small part of blind faith, of belief, in order to make the extraordinary into the ordinary. Our team continues to innovate and make mistakes finding 1000 ways something won’t work.  But when you believe, you really believe, all of a sudden the impossible becomes ...

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Fulfill a dream for someone else standard

Fulfill a Dream…for someone else. This is a picture of my mom and my daughter parasailing in MX over spring break. While not extraordinary in and of itself, my mom has Parkinson’s and parasailing was on her bucket list. We had to help her on to a jet ski that was rocking in the waves on the shore. We lifted her on to the boat from the jet ski. We stood with her getting the harness on for the parasail. And then she flew. I could not be more filled with joy in seeing her up in the air. Just knowing that I was able to remove this item off her bucket list brings me to tears. Helping her fulfill ...

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Are you using Mantras? standard

man·tra ˈmantrə/ – a statement or slogan repeated frequently Around Comfort Research I am kinda known for repeating myself. I am sure sometimes it is annoying and there might even be an eye roll or two…and I am ok with that. I have many mantras that I use to help the daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and vision alignment. I use them frequently and change up the way they are delivered. And it works. All too often I see organizations communicating a vision or direction once or even perhaps just documenting it, sharing said document, and then shoving that document away never to be seen again. As leaders we assume everyone heard it, read it, saw it, digested it in the ...

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‘Creatures’ of Comfort standard

Check out a recent interview Chip and I had with Design Daily!   Matt and Chip. The founders of Comfort Research. Energetically lighthearted with just a dash of mischief. So, I didn’t think they’d mind being called “creatures.” (More accurately, they are highly successful creators of comfort). They may not take themselves too seriously, but when it comes to leading the way in lifestyle furnishings, they mean business. “We don’t look at ourselves as a company, we look at ourselves as this really cool, unique, funky platform that can then take our brand and make different things within the brand using the platform . .” You’d think that launching the first bean bag chair into space would be the pinnacle ...

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