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I Believe In Unicorns standard

I believe in unicorns. They exist. Perhaps not in the form of lovely golden-horned, horse-bodied winged beasts with flowing rainbow manes – but instead in the form of the amazing innovations of humanity. I have seen it at other companies and I have seen it happen time and again at Comfort Research. Comfort Research is the mother of unicorns. I often give tours at Comfort Research and joke with the touree that on this part of the tour that they in fact are looking at a unicorn. I believe that unicorns are more than just innovations. Unicorns are what was once thought to be impossible. They are the combination of attributes that you didn’t believe could be delivered together. It is the attributes you thought you ...

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Simple is Hard standard

Simple Is Hard. Take for instance our core values. Most companies have an average of eight core values and I bet that the leadership team doesn’t know those core values without having to read them off a card. If you have to read something off a card, are you really able to live it yourself much less be able to communicate it throughout your entire organization? We have only three core values at Comfort Research and there is very good reason for that. Lists of 3 or 5 are easier to remember and when they are easily remembered they are more easily acted upon. Our core values are short but powerful statements. Those core values are: Find a Better Way, Expect the Best and, ...

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Putting Your Work On the Refrigerator standard

Remember when you were a kid and the refrigerator was where everything important was displayed? If you did well on a test or painted a watercolor of the dog, mom and dad would put it on the door with a magnet to celebrate your hard work. As we get older, our work often becomes less visible or harder to explain to the average person. Has your team had the opportunity to do something they’re proud of that they could easily explain to their friends and family? Sometimes you have to create them. At Comfort Research we recently constructed the world’s largest bean bag. It’s official – Guinness World Records was in Grand Rapids, Michigan to certify it. It measures over ...

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Sometimes Taking a Nap in the Middle of the Day is the Right Thing to Do standard

One of my favorite privileges of helping lead Comfort Research is getting the chance to help innovative charities do good work in the community. This past week we partnered with i Understand, a local Grand Rapids non-profit organization supporting those who have lost loved ones by suicide or mental illness, on an event we called “Napportunity.” We set up Big Joe bean bag chairs in the middle of downtown and invited people to take a nap in the middle of the workday with the goal of raising $10,000 for i Understand. We had sleep masks, nappetizers (nap + appetizers), and the “World’s Quietest DJ” spinning nature sounds and spa music. As you can see – it was a hit: “Do the ...

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Mark Your Milestones standard

Ten million beanbags sold. I couldn’t believe it when it happened. I mean, we knew it was coming. In fact, we had time to put together a celebration with cake, confetti, T-shirts and activities for employees in April of last year when that beautiful blue Milano chair came off the line: But it was still a lot to take in when it happened. It was a lot to absorb when we hit one million chairs in 2016. Now that I think about it, we couldn’t believe it when our first order of beanbags sold out at our local Meijer store right after we graduated college. Milestones are a great opportunity to stop and take stock of everything. Some people call ...

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