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Celebrate the “I” standard

When it comes to teams, we have all heard the discussion about the difference between the “I” versus “we.” It is in vogue to talk about just the team. It centers on the fact that the team should always come before any one individual. Well, not so fast. I love the way NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan put it when he said, “There is no ‘I’ in team, but there is in ‘win.” This guy is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), and he knew that you gotta have the “I” before you even start talking about the “we.” I have heard leader after leader, executive after executive, and coach after coach only talk about the “team.” The TEAM ...

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September 5×5 night standard

It was a great time hosting the Startgarden 5×5 night here at Comfort Research/Big Joe HQ. Our goal was to make it the best ever so we all support a vibrant and exciting entrepreneurial community in Grand Rapids MI. Thank you to all who took part in it and for those that didn’t, check out the quick video below. Awesome stuff! Congrats to all participants in the event and especially to our winner, AgHelp. We expect great things out of all of you in the future!!!

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The 1st Law standard

The first law of thermodynamics, also known as the Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. Great. Why the reference to physical science, you are being super weird now, and what does it have to do with me. Well, I am glad you asked We all have energy. Are we being purposeful with our energy expenditures? I believe that you can give that energy to another person through your positive attitude, your kind words, and your excitement. And just as easily if you aren’t careful you can take it away too. Take an opportunity to fill others with your positive energy. ...

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5×5 Start Garden Event standard

On September 25th at 5pm we will be hosting a Start Garden 5×5 night at the Comfort Research/Big Joe Galactic Headquarters. For those of you that don’t know, Start Garden was founded on the ethic of finding fast, inexpensive ways to turn ideas into actions. They are huge supporters of entrepreneurism and our community as a whole. 5×5 Night is where 5 contestants pitch their business idea in 5 minutes, which is then judged by 5 judges, and the budding entrepreneurs compete for $5000…no strings attached. Freakin’ sweet! We want support Start Garden and our community by sponsoring and hosting the 5×5 night. Countless people have helped me/us/CR/Big Joe along our entrepreneurial journey and we hope to do a little ...

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Fail Enthusiastically! standard

So my friend (name omitted in order to protect the innocent) was kind enough to share this video with me of him trying to barefoot ski off the side of his boat.  Fail.  Hilarious.  Painful.  Ha! Seeing the video (besides making me laugh my butt off at him) reminded me how we need to continue to encourage everyone in and out of our organization to try new things and that it is ok to fail. And when you fail, you might as well fail with enthusiasm. Not everything you try is going to work nor should you expect it to.  When those failures come you have just two choices, try again or quit.  I say try again and do it ...

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Culture tour standard

It was great have CT Martin and Team from DeWys Manufacturing to Comfort Research yesterday for a personalized Culture Tour. Hopefully we provided some value that they can use to be just a little bit more culturally awesome tomorrow vs. where they are today. I love the journey and look forward to seeing their growth along with our own!

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Comfort Research expands leadership team standard

Furniture Today ran a great article on how we continue to expand into multiple markets with Orahh technology with the addition of Todd Tjoelker to our leadership team. We got our start 20 years ago making bean bag furniture, but over the years our Big Joe brand has evolved well beyond the furniture world. With the addition of Todd and his ability to drive consumer-focused products with Orahh technology, we believe our Big Joe brand will grow into new markets and be introduced to a ton of new consumers. Read the full article over at their site.  

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The hard thing about hard things standard

Today I was intrigued by a comment I read in the book The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz of Andreesen Horowitz, a serial entrepreneur in the tech space and founder of one of the premier venture capital firms in the country. He had a great quote about innovation. Ben’s quote is as follows: ‘Figuring out the right product is the innovators job, not the customers job. The customer only knows what she thinks she wants based on her experience with the current product. The innovator can take into account everything that is possible, but often must go against what she knows to be true. As a result, innovation requires a combination of knowledge, skill, and courage.’ What ...

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Mold Your Own Purpose standard

Back in Sept. of 2010, Chip, Jason, and I went to Chicago to learn how to put together a traditional business strategic plan. We spent 3 days in a windowless building near O’Hare Airport and were taught about vision, mission, core values, etc. After a couple of years of doing the traditional plan we realized that while vision statements can be good mission statements are often worthless strung together words that don’t really provide the intended goal of communicating what we are all about. So we set out to Find a Better way. Luckily in a short period of time we were introduced to a book by Simon Sinek called ‘Start with Why’. If you haven’t read his book you ...

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