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Why we love tourists at Comfort Research standard

At Comfort Research, innovators of the amazing Big Joe line of products including the one that I am sitting in here and check this out, it only weighs 15 lbs. and can go indoors or outdoors (ok, there is my shameless product plug), we often find ourselves giving tours. On the tour we share our culture, strategy, and relentless commitment to innovation that’s grown us to 250 employees, put over 14M of our products in over 10,000 stores, and built relationships with the world’s largest and best retailers. Many of our “tourists” are potential employees, but many are also people we do business with: vendors, partners, customers, community members and more. It’s important to us that everyone we work with ...

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Mold Your Own & Ignore Your Competition standard

One of the questions I’m asked frequently is “who is your competition?” Another version is “What are you doing to beat your competition. There is nothing in your strategic plan that analyzes your competitors.” I think this is a stupid question. Who heck do we compete with? I don’t know, and I don’t care. Most companies look around and see businesses that are similar to their own and consider these other companies competitors. They watch their competitors closely, try to poach their competitors’ talent to gain insights, and react to what their competitors are doing. I say that is a total and utter waste of their time and talents. Why spend your valuable time and energy worrying about what the ...

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Best Travel Tips: 21 Travel Hacks That Experienced Business Travelers Say to Use When You Hit the Road standard

Having been on nearly 100 flights this past year Inc Magazine asked for my top tips to make travel easier – read the full article over at Here are some additional tips to help novices travel like a pro: Being an TSA Precheck approved traveler or using CLEAR (to cut down on those lines and the hassle of removing everything from your bags, keeping your shoes on etc.) can help ensure you make your flight. A duffel bag as your primary bag is your best friend. It can be jammed into any overhead compartment or under the seat and you won’t have to ever worry about fees or lost luggage. Safe travels!

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I Believe In Unicorns standard

I believe in unicorns. They exist. Perhaps not in the form of lovely golden-horned, horse-bodied winged beasts with flowing rainbow manes – but instead in the form of the amazing innovations of humanity. I have seen it at other companies and I have seen it happen time and again at Comfort Research. Comfort Research is the mother of unicorns. I often give tours at Comfort Research and joke with the touree that on this part of the tour that they in fact are looking at a unicorn. I believe that unicorns are more than just innovations. Unicorns are what was once thought to be impossible. They are the combination of attributes that you didn’t believe could be delivered together. It is the attributes you thought you ...

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