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‘Creatures’ of Comfort standard

Check out a recent interview Chip and I had with Design Daily!   Matt and Chip. The founders of Comfort Research. Energetically lighthearted with just a dash of mischief. So, I didn’t think they’d mind being called “creatures.” (More accurately, they are highly successful creators of comfort). They may not take themselves too seriously, but when it comes to leading the way in lifestyle furnishings, they mean business. “We don’t look at ourselves as a company, we look at ourselves as this really cool, unique, funky platform that can then take our brand and make different things within the brand using the platform . .” You’d think that launching the first bean bag chair into space would be the pinnacle ...

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How to recruit like a rockstar standard

Recruiting. It is hard. But you can’t have Rock Stars in your growing business without having some Rock Star recruiting. Here are some of the things we are doing to recruit our Comfort Research Rock Stars. Blog – Let the world know who are and what you stand for. Your blog should be authentic and real speaking to what is important to you and your business. Whatever your passions are write them down and publish them on your website, FB, LinkedIn, etc through your blog. YouTube Channel – You want to turn just as many people off as you can turn on. Every business is not a good fit for every person. Show the world and your recruits what it is like working at ...

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Choice / Chance / Change standard

Yesterday, our 30 y/o Utah soon to be Plant Manager, Josh Pack, jolted me. He said something so simple, awesome, and profound. Choice / Chance / Change Make a Choice. Take a Chance. If you don’t you will never Change. Boom! Josh wanted to know a little more about the stores we started called Fizz….our biggest failure ever. As I shared with him the story of our biggest business failure ever, he reminded me that if we didn’t have the experience we wouldn’t be who we are today. The next time you feel a little trepidation regarding a choice, take the chance. You just might make a life changing positive change.

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Come on a tour standard

On Feb 28 I hosted a diverse group from 7 different organizations at Comfort Research.  They were there for the second ever FAB Culture Tour.   Why do we do this you may ask?  Well, we have busted our butts trying to make Comfort Research a great place to work and while we don’t have it all figured out we think we have some cool stuff to share.  Also, we enjoy sharing it with those in the community that share a similar passion for great culture. Come on down and take a tour with us!  You can sign up at for the next one on March 28.  

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Be a productive unicorn standard

I was reminded by Larry Kim’s article for INC Magazine and wanted to share it with everyone the difference between being productive and busy. Every day I start my day by looking at the back of my desk where a sheet lists my 3 areas of focus. I then put all my desired actions for the day, week, and month through a filter asking if they align to the areas of focus printed on that paper at the back of my desk. If they don’t, I kill them. If they do, I go after them making them the first thing I am looking to check off my list. Larry has a fun way of reminding us to focus on the ...

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Captain your ship. standard

How do you captain a 1000’ Ship? You plan. You communicate. You keep it simple. You work with your team and make sure everyone is aligned and knows the goal. Running a business is no different. The leader of a business must make sure that the team knows precisely where they are going. You must communicate that goal simply, clearly, and then repeat it over and over again making adjustments along the way. Too often we fall in love with our big complex plans and then wonder why the heck we failed to achieve them. Many will blame others for not being able to follow through. This is a wrong mentality. Keep your messaging simple and you will stay aligned ...

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